Why do I Need to Wear Sunglasses?

On days where you have forgotten your sunglasses, you probably spend most of the time squinting while trying to see in the bright light; it can be very frustrating! Protecting your eyes from the sun will not only prevent this from happening, but can also help to reduce your risk of eye diseases such as cataracts and Age-related macular degeneration. This is because too much exposure to UVA and UVB rays can put your eye health at risk. It’s important to invest in the right pair of sunglasses for your visual needs.

How do Sunglasses Protect Your Vision?

Sunglasses don’t just shield your eyes from bright light to make you see easier. They are important tools for blocking UV rays and preventing them from reaching your eyes. Different types of sun lenses have varying benefits to suit your individual needs when it comes to sun protection for your eyes.

Sunglasses Benefits:

Brighter Fields of Vision

Provides Protection from UV Light

Glare Protection

Lowers Your Risk of Cataracts

How Dangerous is UV Light For Your Vision?

Even with low UV levels at 2 or less, it is still recommended that you wear sunglasses if you are out in the bright light. Overexposure can result in eye health issues that could have been prevented if the right measures had been taken; just as if you went out in the sun but didn’t put sun cream on. See this video to find out why it is important to always wear sunglasses.

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