Reflective & Protective

Mirror coatings (also called flash coatings) are highly reflective coatings applied to the front surface of sunglass lenses to reduce the amount of light entering the eye. This makes them especially beneficial for activities in very bright conditions, such as hiking, skiing or snowshoeing at high altitudes.

Make the Most of Your Mirrored Lenses

Mirrored and mysterious, make a bold fashion statement by adding reflective lenses to your look.

Polarized mirrored sunglasses can enhance your game on a sunny day with their anti-reflective coating.

Mirrored Sunglasses Benefits:

Lets you experience better brightness and a superior visual clarity.

Gives you 100 percent UV protection.

Makes people with light sensitivity feel more comfortable.

With mirrored shades on, your eye can't be visible through the lenses.

Prescription Sunglasses with Mirrored Lenses

Questions about prescription mirrored lenses in your sunglasses? Check out this video of Eyeglass Tyler from SportRx as he gives you all the information you need!

Buying Mirrored Sunglasses Online with Demo-Optix

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