What is Blue Light?

Contrary to UV light, blue light is emitted all around us, every day — both indoors and outdoors, from the screens on our digital device to the sun as the biggest source. Extended exposure to certain wavelengths may cause eye fatigue and discomfort, but don’t worry! Our blue light filtering glasses and computer screen glasses can reduce your exposure to potentially harmful blue light. Learn how to choose the best lenses for blue light prescription glasses.

How Does Blue Light Affect Us?

Our constant connection to our smartphones, tablets, and laptops may contribute to headaches, sore eyes, and stiff necks — all symptoms of digital eyestrain. With the majority of our waking hours spent in front of a screen, paired with harmful blue-violet light* from digital devices, it’s no surprise that our eyes are working harder than ever.

*Disclaimer: Harmful blue-violet light is between 415-455 nm.

Protect Your Eyes with Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Our blue light filtering glasses are designed to protect your eyes from extended exposure to harmful blue-violet light. The premium features found in our EBDBlue Plus, EBDBlue 360, and SightRelax lenses make the unavoidable hours of screen time more comfortable, too. Whether you’re wearing them for gaming glasses, working into the wee hours of the night, or binge-watching your favorite show, blue light filtering glasses and glasses for computer use are the way to go.

Blue Light Blocking Glasses at a Glance


Blue Light Filter



Can Blue Light Damage your Eyes?

Learn about how blue light affects our eyes & when blue light blocking glasses are helpful. If you spend a lot of time staring at digital screens & are considering blue light glasses or some type of blue light filter, this video will help understand why blue light is such a major concern.

Buying Blue Light Blocking Glasses Online with Demo-Optix

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