What is an Anti-Reflective Coating?

An anti-reflective (also known as anti-glare) coating prevents reflections from appearing on both the inside and outside of your eyeglass or sunglass lenses. No reflections on your lenses means more light is reaching your eyes, which inevitably improves your vision.

Anti-Reflective Coating Glasses Benefits:

Allows more light to reach your eyes, improving visual acuity.

Reduces vision-obstructing glare — extra important for driving.

Makes your eyes more visible behind your lenses, so your facial expressions are easier to see.

On sunglasses, it prevents sunlight from reflecting into your eyes when the sun is behind you.

How do Anti-Reflective Coatings Work?

Want to know how anti-reflective coatings work? Not sure if anti-reflective coatings are worth the money? Learn all about anti-glare lenses and how they affect your vision.

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