The Story Behind Oakley

Dating back to 1975, Oakley has always been recognized as a brand that pushes the perceived limitations. Decades of innovation and over 800 patents later, Oakley continues to deliver the most technologically advanced sunglasses on the planet.

Oakley Eyeglasses

Oakley® prescription eyeglasses are engineered with premium performance materials, innovative technologies and iconic designs. Oakley can spend more time making sure they've produced quality, durable products than other companies. Both the frames and lenses are made to resist impacts, protecting your eyes from potentially dangerous material and helping them last even longer.


Oakley Sunglasses

If you ride a mountain bike and have special clothes or gear you wear while riding, doesn’t it make sense to have a specific sunglass too? Oakley sunglasses with PRIZM™ Trail lenses help you spot roots, rocks, and dips ahead of time so you can have a safer and more enjoyable experience.


Oakley Sunglasses Size Guide

Oakley glasses are able to 100% block blue light in addition to UVA, UVB and UVC sun rays. The best part is that the protection is actually part of the lens. It is not just a coating applied as an afterthought. That means they will continue to protect your eyes.

Buying Oakley Glasses Online with Demo-Optix

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