Reading Glasses for Women

Love to read, but need to update your prescription? Enter: the perfect eyewear, and the perfect opportunity to upgrade your style. Our variety of reading glasses for women makes it super easy to find a pair (or two) you’ll love to wear. Change up your look often? We’ve got women’s reading glasses for every mood — think bright colors, cat-eyes, timeless tortoiseshell, and more!


Reading Glasses for Men

Looking for reading glasses for men? We have all the essentials right here, from lens options for every distance to hundreds of frames for every style — like classic square looks in acetate, to modern styles in metal.


Reading Glasses for Kids

It is very common for kids, even babies and toddlers, to require glasses in their early years. This may be to strengthen vision in a weaker eye or to make improvements in eye positioning or overall vision. Our variety of reading glasses for kids makes it super easy to find a pair (or two) your child will love to wear.


Reading Glasses vs Computer Glasses

Books might not be for everyone, but bookworms and non-bookworms alike still need to read a variety of small print throughout the course of the day.

Coronavirus quarantines have also led to an increase in computer, laptop, tablet and cell phone usage.

In this video you will find out when you can use your reading glasses as computer glasses and what is the difference between these two types of glasses.

Buying Reading Glasses Online with Demo-Optix

We aim to deliver you the best in vision correction as conveniently as possible. Take your time and discover some of our special offers on eyewear, customized by you and perfected by us. Choose from a range of styles including rimless multifocal reading glasses.

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