What are Gradient Sunglasses?

Gradient sunglasses are two-toned glasses usually tinted from top to bottom, with a darker portion at the top while lighter shades at the bottom. Fitted to be worn in multiple light conditions, you can wear them both indoor and outdoor, in bright light or under shade.

How Do Gradient Sunglasses Work?

Generally, they have 2 shades receding from top to bottom (in a single gradient). There are double and triple gradient glasses too, providing darker tints on top and down while lighter shades in the middle.

The intensity of these tints controls the light passing through them and reaching your eye. Meanwhile offering protection from glare through the darker portion and the option to see clearly at the lighter window of the lenses.

Gradient Sunglasses Benefits:

Offers better vision both indoors and outdoors

Good for driving as it filters the overhead light

Vision Comfort

UV Light Protection

Standard Tint vs Gradient Tint

Gradient sunglasses are typically darker at tops and lighter at the bottom. They also come with a double gradient finish having darker tints at the top and bottom and a light colour viewing window in the middle.

Another important difference among them is you need to switch between dark and light tints of standard tint glasses when moving indoors or outdoors. Gradient glasses best fit both inside and outside.

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