Why do My Glasses Fog Up?

Your glasses can fog up because of condensation. This occurs when warm air touches a cold surface, like your glasses lenses. This is why when you go from the cold outdoors into a warm room, you may notice that your glasses fog up.

This can also happen when you wear a face mask. As you breathe, most of the warm air escapes through the top of your mask onto the lenses of your glasses, which can cause them to fog up.

How do Anti-Fog Lenses Work?

Anti-fog lenses have a special coating which absorbs moisture from warm air on the lens. This prevents them from fogging up.

Whether you’re wearing a mask, stepping indoors during winter or enjoying a hot drink, anti-fog lenses keep your glasses clear, without you needing to stop, spray and wipe your lenses.

Anti-Fog Coating Glasses Benefits:

Combats heat and humidity.

Helps you to manage sudden environmental changes.

Enhances vision by increasing visibility.

Decrease fogging frustrations.

How to Prevent Lenses from Fogging While Wearing a Mask?

We tested Essilor® Anti-Fog AR — a permanent lens solution created to prevent glasses fog — alongside several of the most popular DIY solutions to see what works. Some of the most common DIY hacks for glasses fogging include soap, surgical tape, and shaving cream. How do they stack up against the Essilor® Anti-Fog AR technology? Watch the video to see these how these lenses perform with N95, surgical, and cloth masks.

Buying Lenses with Anti-Fog Coating Online with Demo-Optix

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