Our High Quality Lenses

Here's everything you need to know about the premium eyeglass lenses we offer. From practical lens coatings to the different vision-correction options available, your lenses are the heart and soul of your eyewear.

Blue Light Filtering Glasses


Blue light filtering lenses filter out potentially harmful blue light emitted from digital screens. Studies show blue light can disrupt sleep and cause eyestrain.


Prescription Lenses

These lenses are designed to help you see clearly. Whether you’re nearsighted, farsighted, or suffer from presbyopia, prescription lenses will keep your vision sharp.

Progressive Lenses

These lenses gradually change from near to farsighted vision correction as you move up the lens, providing more complete vision correction than standard bifocal lenses.

Bifocal Lenses

Bifocals feature two distinct prescriptions, with a line separating them across the middle of the lens. These are the most common type of multifocal lenses.

Lenses for Reading

If you are farsighted, indicated by a (+) on your prescription, you’re looking for this type of lens. Eyewear with this type of prescription are also known as reading glasses.

Lenses for Distance

If you are nearsighted, indicated by a (-) on your prescription, these are the lenses for you. Choose high index lenses If your prescription is on the stronger side.



Transitions® lenses darken when outdoors and return back to clear when indoors. They block 100% of UV light and help protect against harmful blue light from digital devices, screens and the sun. Available in 6 different colors.


Lens Coatings

Lens coatings add extra useful features to your eyewear. Take a look at all the different ways you can customize your lenses to suit your needs.

Blue Light Blocking

Our blue light filtering glasses can reduce your exposure to potentially harmful blue light. Learn how to choose the best lenses for blue light prescription glasses.

Anti-Reflective Coating

An anti-reflective coating prevents reflections from appearing on both the inside and outside of your eyeglass or sunglass lenses.

Anti-Scratch Coating

A scratch on your eyeglass lens can impact your vision clarity and be quite irritating. When this coating is applied, the lens becomes harder and therefore more resistant to scratching.

Anti-Fog Coating

Whether you’re wearing a mask, stepping indoors during winter or enjoying a hot drink, anti-fog lenses keep your glasses clear, without you needing to spray and wipe your lenses.

Prescription Glasses Lens Guide

Purchasing prescription glasses can be a challenge and often confusing when you do not know all the lens options. In this video, you will find out about different eyeglasses lens types (such as bifocals vs trifocals vs progressive lenses), as well as different glasses lens materials and the pros and cons of each.

Buying Lenses Online with Demo-Optix

We aim to deliver you the best in vision correction as conveniently as possible. Take your time and discover some of our special offers on eyewear, customized by you and perfected by us.

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