Demo-Optix was founded with a mission: to inspire and impact the world with vision, purpose, and style.

We're constantly asking ourselves how we can do more and make a greater impact — and that starts by reimagining everything that a company and industry can be. We want to demonstrate that a business can scale, be profitable, and do good in the world — without charging a premium for it. And we've learned that it takes creativity, empathy, and innovation to achieve that goal.

Every idea starts with a problem. Ours was simple: Prescription glasses are too difficult to order.


Demo-Optix was started to create an alternative. By circumventing traditional channels, developing and designing online lenses selection, and engaging with customers directly, we're able to provide higher-quality prescription eyewear.


We believe that buying glasses should be easy and fun. It should leave your customers happy and good-looking.


There's nothing complicated about it. Good product, good outcome.

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