UPS International

from $19

7-14 Business Days

Australia Post

from $10.95

7-14 Business Days

Canada Post


7-14 Business Days

Returns & Replacements

14-Day Free Returns

Return for a one-time replacement pair of equal or lesser value, or request a full refund within two weeks of receiving your order!

365-Day Guarantee

You’re eligible for a one-time replacement pair within 12 months (P.S. This only applies to products with noticeable defects in the craftsmanship).

Returns & Replacements Policy

Credits and replacement pairs are nonrefundable. Both warranties (14-Day Free Returns and 365-Day Guarantee) do not cover damage and/or return requests caused by accidents, negligence, or improper care. You need to ship the item(s) back and notify our customer service team to initiate the refund or replacement. A shipping fee may apply for a one-time replacement.

Replacing Your Eyewear

You can send a request for a replacement pair with the same order details, or contact our customer service team if you want to change your order details. The next request for a different product in the same order can be sent after the previous request is complete. You may use up to $50 Credits per order.

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