The Story Behind Ray-Ban

There’s no denying that Ray-Ban glasses are truly iconic, steeped in rich history with the company originating in 1937. The original Wayfarer sunglasses have been an unmistakable member of the Ray-Ban family since 1952, instantly proving a hit with celebrities and the public. Hollywood star James Dean, and music legend Bob Dylan were some of the first stars to adopt Ray-Bans as part of their image. These frame styles have been replicated by countless brands, but nothing compares to the original and authentic design.

Ray-Ban Eyewear Collections

If you’re looking for a way to add style to your everyday glasses or sunglasses, you can’t go wrong with a pair of Ray-Bans. Compare classic options with trending new styles. Ray-Bans have a wide range of timeless and trending frames to fit your personality, face type and outfit. Look for an everyday pair or match your outfits with different sunglasses. Some pairs have a fashionable look and make a bold statement, while others let their reliable craftsmanship do the talking.

Ray-Ban Eyeglasses

Aside from being the most iconic glasses around, Ray-Ban pride themselves on providing frames and lenses of the highest quality. Their frames are durable and strong, proving that Ray-Ban glasses are an investment that will last for years, rather than a fair-weather purchase.


Ray-Ban Sunglasses

Sunglasses need to match your sense of adventure, so Ray-Ban glasses are designed to protect your eyes and keep you comfortable in a range of activities. Typical Ray-Ban sunglasses are scratch-resistant and come with durable frames, so you won’t have to worry about dropping your frames while preparing for a new adventure. Daily wear won’t fade, scratch or damage your new pair of Ray-Ban glasses.


Ray-Ban Kids Eyeglasses

The Ray-Ban eyeglasses you love in a size perfect for kids, available in rectangular, square, round and other popular Ray-Ban shapes. A vast array of frames and colors makes it easy to find the right model and discover innovative materials like carbon and titanium. Shop kids glasses today at and receive free shipping on all orders for the kids sunglasses online selection as well.


Ray-Ban Stories

The new way to capture, share & listen. Welcome back to the moment. ​Discover Ray-Ban's first generation of smart glasses that keeps you connected. So you can keep your eyes on the world around you. 

Buying Ray-Ban Glasses Online with Demo-Optix

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